House Approves a Nationwide Abortion Ban

In a 228 to 196 vote, the House of Representatives approved a measure that would ban abortion after 22 weeks of  pregnancy. According to reports, the measure is the harshest anti-abortion bill in a decade to come to Congress.

On Tuesday, the Republican controlled House put forward a measure that would harm and restrict female reproductive rights. The controversial bill would also include “possible fines against doctors, as well as prison sentence of as many as five years.”

With the vote falling mostly along party lines, just six Democrats voted for it, and six Republicans opposed it, according to

But where are the women? Notably, “only 19 of the 234 Republican House members are women” and democrats argue that men are overshadowing women on the committee of jurisdiction and want a woman’s voice on the bill.

Speaker John Boehner, who says the bill is constitutional, called the legislation  “the most significant pro-life legislation to come before Congress since enactment of the ban on partial-birth abortions. We have a moral obligation to defend the defenseless, and we will continue to fight to ensure our nation’s laws respect the sanctity of unborn human life.”

Democrats who favor abortion rights called the bill unconstitutional and said President Barack Obama “has vowed a veto, and the Senate is unlikely to even bring it up for a vote.”

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